Foto: Maximilian Pramatarov

Michikazu Matsune (Japan) Goodbye

Happily or sadly, there are times in life one must say goodbye. The performance is based on farewell letters written by various people for different reasons. Combining reading and dancing, Matsune's performance examines stories of personal relationships, of love and complication, read between the lines.

The featured letters include one from Kaiserin Maria Theresia to her daughter Marie Antoinette given on the day of her departure for France to marry Louis XVI, Singer Curt Cubain's suicide note, a letter from Kamikaze pilot to his two children, a letter from a blind man to his guide-dog, among others.

Michikazu Matsune, Konsept, Utøver
Andrea Gunnlaugsdóttir, Kunstnerisk assistent

25.10.20181930 USF Verftet, Bergen